A lost place


Yesterday was an interesting day. Spent the day at my grandma’s house with her and my aunt, but before we got there we went to a place that I’d never hear before. It was about midday in a beautifully colourful and almost spring morning. It is called “A fonte da Barroquinha”, which translated from Portuguese means “the fountain of Barroquinha”, and this place has a cultural and historical meaning, or more like of a tale. It’s said that on a sunny day, the king was resting with his horse and said out loud how something like “Damn this horse that does not give a kick to this rock until it makes water to fill.”* And that’s where the fountain came from.

Of course, this is a tale, and to me, it’s not what matters the most in this blog post. What makes me wonder is how incredibly busy our lives sometimes are that we don’t actually see simple this that have always been present and are around us. To this day, I had never heard of this calming and beautiful place. It’s so great when we stop and just enjoy simple this like a landscape, a sound, a smell, a feeling.

*since I’m translating from Portuguese this may not make the most sense, so I apologise for that.

Hope you enjoyed the simple pictures I took and this little story, have a great day!

Winter inspiration


About a month ago my cousin took me to the beach. It was actually her first car ride since she got a drivers licence.

The beach in winter is the most peaceful and beautiful place, it’s calming and refreshing, and that means cold too. I got to take a few interesting pictures, some of which I just posted here.

There were also a couple of puppies who had really lighten the mood.

Standing at the beach, with a lovely company and those cute puppies really made me realise how much I would love to go travel to incredible for of life and nature places. Maybe I’ll get to do that one day.

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

Daenerys Targaryen Painting – Work in Progress

I have started this oil painting a few months ago but I’ve been too lazy for my own good to actually finish it. I guess I need new Game of Thrones episodes to inspire me to get me back at it, but since that’s still going to take more months that usually does I’m just gonna need to fip1020086nish it before it even starts. It’s only a matter of starting, after that the painting sort of just goes along…

Comment if you have any kind of criticism, as long as it is to improve my work!

Have a great Tuesday, and don’t forget to check out my other social media to see more of my paintings.